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Our goal: to create affordable, no-hassle web presences that help
individuals & organizations excel online.


Our websites are built with WordPress, an open source content management system (CMS). A CMS is the backend interface of your website that allows you to change text, images, menu items, etc. as easily as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. (If you don't plan on updating your website frequently then having WordPress as the backend won't affect you much either way.)

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Quality Construction

Every website we build is guaranteed to look great and run even better. We don't charge extra for the basic features that your site needs to be competitive on the modern web (like mobile responsiveness). Instead, we take great pains to lay a solid foundation that ensures your website will load fast, rank well in search engines, and be accessible to the largest number of potential visitors.

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Streamlined Workflow

After receiving down payment your project will be scheduled, generally from 1 - 4 weeks in the future depending on our availability. Most projects take around 2 - 4 weeks from the project start date, though larger websites can take longer. There's no time limit on revision requests, so the official launch date for the finished site depends heavily on your availability to review & provide feedback.

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Flexible Pricing

We understand that not everyone has a multi-thousand dollar budget for commissioning an elaborate custom website, and so we do our best to keep our pricing as flexible as possible to provide options for everyone. That said, the average cost for a website is $775, with higher & lower packages available depending on project complexity,
scope, and required functionality.

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Website Packages

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